Health policy

It is the policy of TASK Engineering GmbH (hereinafter called the “Company”), to ensure the occupational safety and health of any employees.
- By identifying safety and health hazards;
- By assessing the risks to safety and health on and work been performed;
- By implementation health surveillance as a means to identify early signals of ill health so action can be taken to protect our employees from an early stage on from further harm.
- By training our employees in the working procedures
- By implementing safety and health campaigns to raise awareness amongst our employees for particular safety and heath issues;
- A particular activity may cause ill health;
- Require external facilitation to insure our employees work places is correct and as per requirement.

Environmental policy

TASK Engineering GmbH (hereinafter called the “company”) is committed to protect the environment and to achieve zero waste spill operations.
1) By continual improvement of our environmental performance through
- The identification of environmental aspects
- The reduction of the environmental impacts of our achievement and services
- Maximizing energy efficiency on any jobs on-shore as well off-shore
- Environmental awareness of our employees thought out our organization
2) By compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes
3) By ensuring that our services and supplies activities continue to be more environmentally protective through
- Encouraging recycling and reuse initiatives
- Implementing waste reduction methods for our production facilities and mobilization work
- Environmental awareness of our suppliers and sub-contractors
In accordance with this policy the Company regularly develops and reviews its environmental objectives and targets. The environmental policy applies to all employees of the company and its production facilities who are responsible to follow the procedure in the company’s Environmental Management System. All employees of the Company are directed to recognize, be committed to and actively contribute to the protection of environmental and achieving zero waste and spill operation.